Programs Available

Personalized Training Programs

At Rapid Results Australia Personal Training, we offer a variety of personalized training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or enhance your overall physique, our expert trainers will work with you to create a customized program tailored to your specific needs.

Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes are designed to provide a supportive and motivating environment for all fitness levels. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your fitness to the next level, our group sessions offer the perfect combination of challenge and camaraderie.

Online Coaching

For those who prefer the flexibility of training from home or while on the go, our online coaching option provides personalized guidance and support. With access to our expert trainers virtually, you can stay on track with your fitness journey no matter where you are.

We have listed a few individual program resumes that have become our most popular within the community hub of clients. Please take the time to view these and if you have any questions, contact us. Our team of master trainers are always ready to listen, support and work with you. These are programs put in place and known under development as - "BEYOND YOUR LIMITS"

EACH ARE DESIGNED AROUND THE CLIENT -Cost for each will be provided on request and consultation.

Men and Women's - Rehabilitation service in exercise

Men's and Women's  - Abdominal and Core development 

Men and Womens - Warm up & Cool downs platforms

Men & Women's  - Flexion and stretching resumes

Men & Women's - General Training

Men & Women's - Smart Training

Men & Women's - Body Sculpt

Men & Women's - Body Works

Men & Women's - Body Fit

Men & Women's -  Body Stripper

Men & Women's - Smack Down 1 & 2

Men & Women's -  Home Exercise Programs

Men & Women's - Take 5 exercise platforms

Men & Women's -  Over-hull platform exercises

Men & Women's - Power

Men & Women's - Strength

Men & Women's - Hypertrophy

Men & Women's - Circuit

Men & Women's - HITT

Men & Women's - Functional

Men & Women's - Spike and Confusion Exercises

Men & Women's - The Titan Training Program

Men & Women's - The Viking Training Program

Men & Women's - The Rambo Training Program

Men & Women's - The Gladiator Training Program

Men & Women's - The Terminator Training Program

Men & Women's - The Spartin Training Program

Men & Women's - The Ninja Training Program

Men & Women's - Butt, Thier's no surrender

Men & Women's -  X-Tone  Factor Training Program

Men & Women's - Sacrifice Training Program

Men & Women's - Final encounter Training Program

Women's - Body Edge

 Women's - Lady Fitness

Women's - Induction over-load

Men & Women's - Color Code Chart

Men & Women's - Alphabet Chart

Men & Women's - Training by the ton

Men & Women's - Training by numbers

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