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Book 1  - Beyond Your Limits 

Encyclopedia of Exercise - Your guide to world class workouts


Book 2  - Beyond Your Limits 

Encyclopedia of Exercise - Your guide to world class workouts


Book 1  - Beyond Your Limits 

Encyclopedia of Exercise - Training Journal 1


What is "Beyond Your Limits


I am proud to have authored these books, “Beyond Your Limits” 1 – 2 & 3

The information contained within is priceless and has been gathered from over 40 years in an industry I have journeyed. During this time, I have spent many thousands of hours in clubs, on the field and in makeshift Boot camps - training, mentoring, coaching, and supporting the needs of so many people.  People from all levels of society and with stories that would take a lifetime to share.

Many I have listened to with deep thought as if it were meant to be. Stories of their personal tragedies, accomplishments, and life as a whole. Others I have been gifted in sharing moments they see as their histories in life across many areas while growing. But from it all what I have been blessed with is the friendships I have built along the way. Those moments when you know nothing could be more important or special.

My travels have been filled with some amazing times over weekends, dinners, walks, seminars, and one-on-one discussions with some of the world’s universally recognized athletes, performers, and social lights but among the many hundreds there are a few who to me became my mentor in wait. When I say in “WAIT” that is because without knowing, their inspiration, values and friendship inspired me in ways not imaginable.

In my first show as a competitor, I was awarded my first-place trophy on stage by no other than the “GREAT” Mr. Lee Haney. A legend who is known throughout the world in Men’s Body Building. Then there was the dinner and talks shared with Lee Librada and his beautiful wife while he was our special guest at a show we were running. Australia’s own Beth Francis and Sonny Smith Men’s and women’s Body Builder and international sensations at the highest levels.

The list can go on, but the one in my field who took me by surprise was Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr Southern Hemisphere championships in 1974 in an old hall in Melbourne. After seeing him and listening to him on stage I went home and addressed my life, what I wanted to do and how to achieve them. His way of words was so demanding you could not help but want a blood transfusion from him to collect his DNA. A moment never to be forgotten.

There has also been a collection of inspiration from those not in the athlete world but who shared times with me and gave excellent reminders of why I should never walk away from possibilities…my family. Then to top these off who can forget my service buddies, those men and women who played a huge role in my life, sharing unforgotten times while serving in the Australian Armed Forces.

From all this and those memories, I have written a vast collection of training and study materials for athletes of all levels and playing fields over many years. Something I had always in-vintaged on doing was to transcribe this information to paper and share it with whoever saw my writing to be of interest and help move forward. Another point was, that I had always wanted to write and share my training platforms used over many years knowing they have grounded many athletes and myself over so many years. This I feel I have achieved through my book.

I am grateful you have taken the time to read the contents I have provided here. If you do decide to go ahead and purchase “Beyond Your Limits” Books 1 – 2 & 3 I hope you can try as many of the routines detailed as possible alongside learning so much more. In saying this, one of the many amazing things I have learned over time is that we all need that option, choices that do excite us and lead us into new directions. Without this, our possibilities become sedentary followed by, boredom and failures.

Don’t be a reader only, talk to friends and try what I have provided here and share moments with them in collectively taking yourselves to new heights. Above all be true to the system and yourself.

Enjoy your rewards, who knows, maybe one day you will also have a vision and write a ledger of wealth and information for others to journey with. One more thing… I have included many pages of information I published in journals and online for clients. These are guides and invaluable information for you to learn from.


How to Use your copy of “Beyond Your Limits”

Beyond Your Limits has been presented in three formats, firstly the complete book is shown as Main Book 1 - 2 & 3 which contains programs and all written information for reading, learning, and safekeeping. These are the Main Books and can be stored away for use at any time you need to remind yourself of important information.

The 3rd attached book is your working journal. Here I have prioritized the important and all relevant information such as.

  • Pre-Arranged Food Management Plans
  • Blank Food Plan Schedules
  • Training Programmes
  • Blank Training Programmes
  • Abdominal Charts 1 & 2
  • Warm-up & Cool Down Charts
  • Cardio 1 & 2 Programmes
  • Stretching Guides
  • Training Programmes from men – women and combined
  • Color Code Training Chart
  • Alphabet Training Chart
  • User Notes and Reminder Blank Dairies

The use of the working journal will allow you to keep your working/training guide programmes with you at all times electronically while attending any gym or health club.

By reading the Main Books 1 & 2 first, you will become aware of the information such as food management and training programs, assessments, health and fitness information and general facts to help along the way. When using the working journal for everyday training remember to fill in the required information as required so that you have an accurate record of your training cycle. If more programmes are required, copy these from the main book or journal and start your own file.

As for any training program or food management plan, it is advised that a medical appraisal be carried out by your local or family GP. Again, it is important to note the legal condition regarding the use of my published book and journal and, in particular the use of any information for on selling or coaching purposes where financial gains are made or requested. This information is provided in the Main Book and should be read and understood.


MY World – Beyond Your Limits


Welcome to my world, one of intrigue, challenges, and opportunities.

So, the question here is - Who am I? From the tender age of six, I unknowingly walked into a world filled with excitement, challenges, and wisdom… “YES” sport & recreation. Not knowing it at the time, that single moment would become so important in my life. It would see my future pan out and allow me to explore who I was and why I was here as each year passed.

Through those times I would encounter many challenges, obstacles, and acknowledgements which at the time I must admit, I took for granted. I would soon learn that what I had seen as a beginning, soon became my future and devotion as an athlete, coach, and mentor.

Rugby, athletics, swimming, and Gymnastics played an important role in what became my personal journey. A journey I had to face knowing and excepting that “LIMITS” did not exist in my world - nor did I let “LIMITS” become a weakness in all I set my sights on. I soon learned I was born to be a leader and with it a teacher of greater things for all to learn from.

In 1982 I underwent a change that would see me take on a lifetime fitness campaign like no other, to achieve the ultimate goal of physical readiness and attain the level as a master coach in all sports and associated training formats.

I placed myself in the hands of the Army’s most elite Physical Training and combat instructors on a program with one goal in mind, to walk in ready to face what was ahead, combat the challenges and walk out qualified and ready at the most elite and ultimate level any soldier or person could be recognized within. A senior Military “PTI” Physical Training Instructor.

From those days I endured months of physical abuse (for the better), sacrificing any thought of freedom, living a life of 24/7 under utmost strain and pain while feeling every muscle-bone-nerve-tendon and ligament slowly taken over with the deepest hurt and suffering imaginable to man or women. This was what I decided on and believe me I soon learned the true meaning of “HARD”.

My bones ached; my mind driven to insanity as I punished myself in every possible way to achieve the accolades only a handful of soldiers do. I had qualified and become a selected and elite member within the Department of Defence “Physical Training Instructors” division of only 64 personnel. I would live this life within the service for many years taking on posting and promotions along the way. What was a dream was sculptured into life as I lived my time in pride as a “Soldier”.

Latter I would retire after many years to open my own Health and Fitness Studios on the Sunshine Coast.

Writing programmes for soldiers, clients and athletes have been an amazing journey. A journey I have lived for over40 years during this time, I have taken athletes to amazing heights sharing every moment with them as if they were my own. 

As an elite Physical Training Instructor in the military my role was simple, train all service personnel to achieve and met the service code of fitness readiness, no exception. Training clients was no different except for understanding their needs as an individual, processing, and working alongside them as they moved forward with their health and fitness endeavors.

“Yes,” I did have to slow down and learn the values of personal emotions, a very hard and growling time on my part and limitations, a new area in my life that showed me so much more and taught me to realize not all humans are capable to achieve their wanted ambitions. Still, they could under my training reach out to claim a status of goals and dreams through hard work.

On the overside of my journey, I would spend countless weeks, months and in many cases years perfecting the outcome of the many elite athletes and competitors who through extreme exercise resumes pushing beyond their possible boundaries to reach what many say is the Ultimate platform in exercise achievements, recognition as a champion but, to me this accolade was not enough and for that reason, I pursued to push forward with my clients to ensure they earned a title only a few from thousands ever do.

The Legend Status… I have always told my clients, athletes, and others that!!!

  • A champion trains and deserves his or her title to be known by all on the day he or she wins the accolades in their chosen sport. Known on the day, remembered for their achievements for months and possibly a few years, but forgotten by many as the year’s pass.
  • A Legend, well, this is another level and is known by all on the day he or she wins the accolades in their chosen sport, but, is never forgotten, going down in history as one amongst the best.

My words are simple, why have a share of the glory when you can become the glory.

There is only one winner in competitions I challenged myself in. To me all other placings I had seen as equal to last place. In saying this you either win or lose and that is the reason I achieved “Beyond My Limits” in exercise and competition.

This was why I expected so much from those who I trained under me. I don’t forgive easy when I see a client failing or throwing the towel in. This is not in my book or is it an option. You either train with purpose or take up a board or card game where you get the option to fold.

That also goes for you from this day. Taking the step to purchase my books and journal is an indication you want more from your training and yourself. You want amazing results, incredible appearance outcomes, the growing balance of knowledge and wisdom. This is you, and this is why you will succussed.

Call it a book, journal or notepad. That’s up to you. To keep it simple let’s call it a package. An Encyclopedia made up of books  and a working journal filled with unique exercises that will train you, test you and guide you to personal limits and beyond in exercise. Add to this the many food management plans, facts, and information; you have what many never will, my…

“Encyclopedia of Exercise”


What’s even more amazing is that within the book and journal you have been introduced to three very incredible programs.

  1. Men’s Ultimate Destruction – By the Weight Training Program,
  2. The Color Code Charts, and
  3. The Alphabet Exercise Charts.

These three training concepts are timeless in exercise allowing you to use them freely as needed by choice over and over. But what is even more exciting is knowing these training concepts stand alone as my personally designed exercise training formats which cannot be found anywhere in the world. This raw and innovative material is yours for life.

Again… Thank you for supporting my dream.



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