The Truth About DAZ and why he never fails.

At Rapid Results Australia Personal Training, we believe in open and honest communication. We don't sugarcoat anything – we provide you with the truth. DAZ will not take NO  - Can't - To hard  - Failed - Last, as an answer.

What Sets Us Apart?

Here at Rapid Results Australia Personal Training, we stand out from the crowd because we prioritize communication, knowledge, fitness, and leadership. Our personalized training programs and expert guidance are tailored to help you achieve your health and fitness goals efficiently.

Success Stories

Our clients have seen incredible results and transformations with our services. By being transparent and open, we build trust with our clients, allowing them to understand what to expect and why we are passionate about helping them reach their goals.

As mentioned, and something I am very proud off is that, I do not treat my profession as a joke or undermine others to gain personal attention or profits. I am who I am and deliver commitment and honesty to every client no matter their needs, desire or history.

These are the "5' Tresure of my life and why I have succeeded.


I don’t accept “NO”

“NO” is a word many use to cover up a weakness or accept they cannot do or could or should not have tried. But remember, your determination is a powerful tool that can overcome any obstacle. Allowing such a weakness to control your choices and decisions only invites larger problems to build around you. Giving reason with justice is a better and more approachable way to face problems.

It can also lead to people taking advantage of you or can put you in a situation where you don't have enough time for yourself. Believing that “NO” is an answer will always stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.


I don't accept I “CAN’T”

This often implies an action that you really want to do but are unable to do because you believe you cannot or that others have decided for you. Write this word down on paper, dig a hole in the back yard and bury it, never to be seen or used again.

Instead, use the term, I will try it, but if it does not go to plan, at least I tried. To attempt what others see as impossible only weakens the strength you once had. Ignore these suggestions and “JUST DO IT”


Nothing is "EASY", and nothing will be too "HARD"

Remember this statement. Champions live by it, but one day, they move on to the next level. Train by it and believe it is the only means to succeed. This will give you the ultimate rewards.

I have always lived by this rule in attaining the goals I deserve.

A champion wins today and is known to many for a day but, forgotten tomorrow by many also.

A legend wins today and is remembered forever.

This is who you will decide to become.


Never except you "FAILED"

Many people struggle to learn from failure because they have a fixed mindset, meaning they have openly accepted failure is 100% possible… “NO”

This means they believe their abilities and traits are fixed and cannot be changed… “NO”

Therefore, if they fail at something, they believe they are not good at it… “NO”

Rather than believe this recognizing that you can improve with effort and practice. You, like any other person, have one common goal. Believing “YES” I can do.

If it does not work the first time, look for options and face it again. You will like the best in what they do, find your common level and accept this as your achievement. Don’t try to be that person in the magazine or on TV, who you see at sporting carnivals. Be you, the best of you and love the outcome because... You Did It.


Coming 2nd is equal to coming "LAST"

This is not a bad thing but more a way to overcome never becoming number “ONE” in yourself.

Accept when you challenge yourself, you do this with one goal: to win.

Accepting that you never achieved this will make you feel like you came second. Take this as a last place and strive to do better next time. Just remember that you only win for yourself. You have nothing to prove to him, her or them.

Working towards doing better will always make you a winner.

I don’t pull punches when it comes to the truth with clients. Allowing them to hear what they want will always give them the second best from what I can do, and that’s not good enough in my book.

You can stand in front of me and tell me how good you are or that you have trained and done the hardest workouts possible under the eyes of the biggest trainers... I will tilt my head knowing you're about to be broken by the best.

That’s when I will smile, look at you and then, minute by minute, tear every little bit of who you thought you were, leaving you standing in a puddle of guilt and disappointment, realizing… WTF, I am not all I made myself up to be.

I will find your weakness, play with it and then tear it from your existence. You will become stronger and more understanding and accept that “YOU” only ever had 10% of what you thought, understood or had. Reality will set in, and when it does, you will be on the road to recovery, improvement and success.

I have a saying I have lived by…..



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