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Here at Rapid Results Australia Personal Training, we believe in providing valuable resources to support you on your fitness journey. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your fitness to the next level, our reading materials cover a wide range of topics to help you achieve your goals. Stay informed and inspired with our collection of fitness articles. From workout tips to success stories, these articles are designed to keep you motivated and on track towards your fitness goals. Stay informed and inspired with our collection of fitness articles. From workout tips to success stories, these articles are designed to keep you motivated and on track towards your fitness goals.

Do you know what the top “TRENDS” in Fitness for 2024 are?

“FITNESS” trends for 2024 and why research has listed them in order.

The latest Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2024

It’s always exciting to read the information published about fitness trends worldwide. Staying up to date with the latest do’s and don’ts in the health and fitness world can help in so many ways.  Knowing the top listed trends in the fitness movement is a great way to manage your exercise desires, make changes and discover the new or those you may not have tried in the past. I have always stood by the rule…. Learning, understanding and putting into practice are the keys to success and results. This is even more important when it comes to your health. So, for me, providing this information I see as a step forward for any person reading my article today.

The Stair Master, Rowing Cardio Combo sessions, HIIT classes, Body Fit and Cross Fit groups are just a few of the emerging exercise patterns to hit health clubs over the past 5 years, and as we see every year, new ideas in the fitness trends by operators to cash in or catch more of the fitness market is clear.

The largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world, ACSM, released an annual list of the hottest topics in the fitness world. Check out the top fitness trends for 2017 and what will lead the way in 2018. At this point, I will say that many people will be shocked by the outcome. Are you ready?


The Top Fitness Trends of 2024

Exercise Apps - Personal & Wearable Technology devices

Topping the list and in high demand are the instructional apps you can download today. Many are amazing and have been created to provide training formats you just can’t get from your local gym. Many have information that covers all areas, from exercise, food, nutrition, stretching, social activities, and group rehabilitation, just to name a few.

Another great part of downloaded apps is the social connection with others. Open forums are becoming the trend, too, with questions and answers logged daily. The great thing here is the cost for the link (monthly) downloads. Many start at around $6.00 Australian Dollars and up to $15.00 Australian Dollars monthly. 90% of wearable technology devices now have an area set aside specifically for this as part of their app.

This is certainly a very affordable way to exercise, learn and enjoy the exercise world.

Connected to these top listed trends are the personal & wearable technology devices:

Like fitness trackers, pedometers and heart rate monitors, which all connect in some way with an application mode. The market for these products is booming and shows no signs of slowing down in a hurry; in fact, sales are expected to hit over $4 billion during 2017 and, going by what I see today, will climb over the years to come.

One of the leading reasons for this is that the nation is becoming saturated with small 24/7 clubs such as ANYTIME FITNESS, JETTS, 24 PLUS FITNESS, SNAP, 12 ROUNDS and F45, just to name a few; they flood the market with low-cost memberships which over time affects the better-established clubs. At the end of the day, cost will overrule performance, loyalty, trust and experience. These small unmanned studio-type gyms are, in most cases, non-staffed for the greater part of the day, lack attention to client support, are cost-driven, leaving a nasty taste to many members, current and past and don’t have the best of the best-skilled coaches on board.

Another point to consider: If you’re buying this wearable technology to lose weight, you might want to hold off. A recent study found that overweight participants in a randomized clinical trial who wore a wearable device actually lost less weight than another group who followed the same food and fitness plan without a fitness tracker set by Master Coaches and Personal Trainers.

One reason for this is that people overeat after seeing exactly how much they exercised or calories they lost that day. Many people using these devices won’t break a sweat, so their calorie count will be incorrect, giving a false feeling of success.

But that doesn’t mean this technology isn’t useful for reaching your health goals daily. I wouldn’t recommend wearing wireless devices beyond a short workout due to the exposure to electromagnetic radiation, you can read more on this by reaching the net. Using your smartphone to track your workouts or how much you’re eating can help you monitor your daily routine and this is something I in courage. If you’re a data geek and list everything daily, you can go back through days, weeks or even months of info you have kept to view patterns in your habits.

Studies have shown the one caveat: long-term use of wireless networks may have adverse effects on your health and increase the risk of things like oxidative stress, headaches and a decrease in cognition, while exposure to lights and technology right before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns and decrease quality sleep. Use your judgment on how much you rely on the devices and remove them or at least put them to the side when it’s time to rest.

Bodyweight Training – Known in the past as Calisthenics

You will love this one. Finally, the word is out, and more people are seeing the truth behind this. The secret is out, so don’t turn your back on it too soon. Bodyweight training is one of this year’s top exercise trends, and for good reason. You don’t need fancy equipment, an expensive membership, or much room for these workouts, so bodyweight exercises sure are appealing and effective.

Going back to my Army days as a senior Physical Training Instructor with the elite, this was one method….” NO” was the optimum method we used. We never had all those amazing exercise machines we see today in clubs, and we never had the means to transport equipment for on-the-spot ready use for 60 to 160 service members in a single session. So Body Weight Training became our “NO 1” exercise response format, and the truth was... it was fun, challenging, and gave amazing results.

Bodyweight training helps increase lean muscle mass in individuals, especially when combined with aerobic activity. Bodyweight training is also a great way to ease into strength training, particularly if you’re new to the gym. You can modify the exercises to your level and increase as you feel the need.

Another great thing about Body Weight Training is the shared load. Here, you are able to work with a training partner during many of the exercise elements, allowing for teamwork, encouragement, and exercise diversity. Building a pattern of exercises like this also develops self-awareness and consistency.

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Known in the past as Battle PT.

Formally known as Battle PT or functional overload training with a name change to suit the native industry of Health & Fitness, this format of exercises was first developed and used as part of the service exercise training in the Army, Air Force and Navy. Today, with the support of modern exercise equipment, we see many varieties within the exercise code. A very diverse and manageable way to exercise HIIT has become one format of training you should at least try once.

Like many, most of us are short on time these days with extra work or home commitments, so it’s no wonder that high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of the major exercise trends of the coming year and, as I see it, one that will set a new foundation in modern exercise.

Instead of spending a long time exercising at a moderate pace, with HIIT, you’ll engage in short bursts of exercise at maximum or near-maximum heart rate. This, in turn, means you’ll burn more calories in 20 to 30 minutes than you would in a longer session. The benefits of HIIT are extensive, it has always been one of my favorite ways to work out, but one of the most interesting areas many people are not aware of is how it helps build endurance. Another great reason is that thanks to the use of extended weights (heavy), your muscle recovery stage kicks in also, which allows for fat conversion…. We all know how effective that is when it comes to weight loss, in particular, Fat % reduction while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Studies also show that after just two to three months of HIIT, participants could bike, row or stair climb twice as long as they could before the study while maintaining the same pace. If you’re ready to try it out, get down to your local club and try a class. See if it’s for you and if you can communicate with the exercises.

Experienced Fitness Professionals - Master Coaches

Working with a fitness professional, like a Master Coach, can be a great way to get tailored guidance and accountability to reach your fitness goals. What you will learn very quickly is the knowledge and experience found at the coaching level compared to the personal trainer, who is restricted with knowledge. This comes primarily because of the types of studies, courses and length of courses. Many Master Coaches will have a degree in Exercise Science, four or more years working and developing exercise patterns and, in many cases, spent time under-studying in areas such as rehabilitation, sports medicine and sports specifics, whereas a Personal trainer has completed a 12-week course run by moderately trained instructors who in most cases have little experience and little time in the health and fitness industry, to gain further experience they do modules over a two-day period. This is not to say there are not some amazing trainers out there, but across the board and based on the % of trainers, the numbers are few.

In fact, working with a coach on a one-to-one basis can actually change an individual’s attitude toward fitness, their knowledge, and overall perception, while helping to increase their physical activity.

Because there are so many coaches out there, it’s critical to find someone who is certified in their area of expertise and one who understands your goals and motivations. Another major factor is the Health Club/Gym you attend; the good ones will employ contract coaches with knowledge, experience and age. By age, we mean coaches who may not be as young as the many you will see in 24/7 clubs but more the ones you will find in the brand name clubs such as Gold, World Gym, Genesis or Good Life Clubs. You need to decide…. But as I have said, decide well and achieve more.

Strength Training

Strength training has been around since the dawn of time and is still seeing its time in the limelight as the one exercise that promotes more than all other training elements. Strength, power, endurance, functional, specifics, cardio and development are just a few key reasons this form of training has stayed in the top 10 exercises to do. While people, particularly women, sometimes shy away from the weight room, strength training is critical to keeping our bodies healthy, especially as we age or undergo rehabilitation requirements. It helps preserve lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism to burn more calories, and even when you aren’t working out, you go through what’s known as the post-recovery stage, allowing conversions of fat to be used as calorie /energy and muscle nutrition feeding.

Recent studies found that in 10 weeks, inactive adults could increase their lean weight by more than 1.4 Kilograms and reduce their fat weight by nearly 1.1 Kilograms while increasing their metabolic resting rate by 7 per cent.

Group Training

Do you usually work out solo? 2017 could be the year to try group training. Having been around for years, the group sessions are certainly one not to miss out on. Motivating and fun is a must-try activity.

Group training makes trying a new exercise, like spinning, rowing, circuits or boot camp, more fun and one that you can do with friends. Having an experienced instructor can help keep you motivated and push you to go that extra bit further, and as mentioned bringing along a friend or making new ones in class has an effect, also. A little friendly competition can increase motivation for you to work harder.

Group training was a big part of my life as a coach during my service years. So, running group classes became a daily event, with between 16 and 80 in each session. This is where Body Weight Exercising came into effect. Today, clubs will have equipment in abundance so that participants can move from station to station.

Exercise is Medicine – Known in the past as Exercise Mind & Body development

This is an amazing personal motto and one that has been related to food only in the past. Well, it might be time to make a change and realize that exercise is medicine, too. This is one of the upcoming trends I’m very excited about.

The benefits of exercise go so much farther than how you look physically, how you see yourself down the beach in a G-string and beyond the selfies we see far too often by want-2B gym junkies who have nothing better to do than take pictures of how good they think they look to post for friends to see to get that OMG your looking great girl crap.

From increasing happiness levels to reducing your risk of heart disease, exercising can help in many ways. Tossing and turning at night? Find yourself forgetting where you’ve placed your keys. That’s right, exercise is the answer. In fact, doctors are going so far as to prescribe exercise to patients in an effort to get them moving. The introduction of exercise medicine is growing fast, and the benefits, such as self-awareness for a better lifestyle, have become the key to its success.


Another 2017 fitness trend and one that has been around for years but as late has returned thanks to the better understanding, values set and quality instruction provided. Yoga certainly isn’t new, it’s just as popular as ever and growing. And it should be because the benefits of yoga are vast. It helps to decrease anxiety and stress, improves sleep quality, allows blood to flow through the body better principle, helps digestion, and so much more.

In fact, practicing yoga changes your brain. It increases the “chill-out” neurotransmitter in your brain, a chemical that’s in low supply for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. It also helps counteract chronic pain. However, yoga is not a replacement for strength or cardio actions.

Personally, I prefer Palates over Yoga. It has the added advantage of resistance equipment, so you’re getting the best of both worlds, but this is an individual choice.

Personal Training – Known as Self exercise

Not to be confused with Experienced Fitness Professionals (Master Coaches) This trend isn’t the same as number four above: educated and experienced fitness professionals. Instead, this exercise trend (personal trainers) makes references to you studying general exercise habits and an indication that you are planning on going into health fields with future studies later or that you have under-taken the studies for personal use.

You don’t have to be a PT to take on your own health, and understanding “personal training.” Increasing health literacy is critical to preventing health problems and managing those that might arise.

There are many courses around for people who just want to learn more and hold onto that information for personal use. Continuing to learn more about healthy food, treating ailments through natural remedies and improving your physical fitness through exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I recommend this to all who want to gain a better understanding of exercise, the journey and results. This is why personal training is in the top-listed trends.

Exercise - Weight Loss - lifestyle

While nutrition is more important to weight loss than exercise, fitness does play a key role in any weight loss program, and this is an area many people fail to understand. What’s critical is finding workouts and healthy lifestyle activities that you like suit your daily requirements and ones that can be enjoyed along the way.

Studies found that when participants thought of an exercise as pleasant, they had increased working capacity, which over time improved their physical health. Another study discovered that incorporating laughter into physical activity programs for older adults improved their mental health, aerobic endurance and confidence in their ability to exercise. A great idea for trainers taking on aged exercise groups.

No matter what you enjoy from your exercise, CrossFit, circuits, or just riding the bike, enjoy it! That’s an exercise trend that will never go out of style.

Again, much of the information provided is based on my research. As always, I recommend anyone wanting to learn more in this area use the Internet or speak to a medical advisor.

At Rapid Results Australia, we have invested many years in helping people around the nation; in doing this, we have grown in knowledge and friendship. Please take the time to visit our Web Page: www.rapidresultsaust.com


Fitness Trends Part 2– What to Look for!!!

An annual survey reveals some of the Year’s biggest fitness trends, from high-intensity interval training to wearable technology, yoga, and functional movement sessions. As we all know, a new year symbolizes a fresh start—and the perfect chance to reboot your stale workouts. As we move past the months, many people soon find they are halfway into the year. “NO”. Time is what you make of it; starting today is as important as the start many did six months ago.

Throughout the year, wearable tech, bodyweight training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) have become huge. Let’s look at what is out there for you and its positives.

Wearable technology

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have been hot holiday gifts for the last few years, and the trend won't go anywhere in 2017; in fact, it will only get bigger. Recent updates from brands like Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and Samsung have sent the trend to number one for the past 5 years. Many people are surprised that wearable tech remained at the top of the list this year. “In past years, there were questions about the accuracy of this technology. But I think brands have upped their games, and the especially accurate wearables have kept this trend around.”

Today’s wearables track distance, and also provide heart rate readings, GPS route tracking, move reminders, and so much more. Samsung is close to the best in the market when it comes to flexibility and ability.

Bodyweight training

It's easy to see why no-equipment workouts are so popular: They're relatively easy to learn, they can be modified to suit any ability level, and they can be done just about anywhere. Plus, body weight exercises are an efficient way to get fit for free. (That’s probably why the method has been ranked in the top 10 since 2013.) Push-ups and pull-ups are classic bodyweight moves, but there are plenty more to choose from, like squats, lunges, and planks, just to name a few. A little net surfing will give you amazing information today.


HIIT helps you burn calories fast by alternating quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with short rest periods. It can be found in all types of workouts, from Pilates to CrossFit and boot camp classes. “High-profile fitness companies are huge proponents of this form of exercise.” If they continue to advertise and support HIIT, I don’t see it leaving the trend list anytime soon.

To try a high-intensity interval training workout yourself, spend 20 to 30 minutes total combining repeated short bursts of work with short break periods, like 45 seconds of Burpees followed by 15 seconds of rest and 45 seconds of squats.

Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals

The number of people who want to become personal trainers keep growing, and they have more options than ever to earn accreditation. “Overall, people who work in the fitness industry are much more accountable and professional than previously. This trend can be attributed to clients becoming smarter about whom they seek out fitness-related help.

Not only is there continued growth in college and university programs, but there are more than 250 third-party certification organizations committed to teaching personal trainer's best practices. My issue with the growth of PT trainers is the fast-tracking systems in place. Many colleges will run programs for around 12 weeks, which makes the course affordable for new hopefuls and reduces the cost for the college. The downside is the poor knowledge and lack of personal passion we once saw in the industry.

Do your homework, ask questions, and watch their teaching skills with clients. Just remember that “A BUFF OR SEXY “body does not mean knowledge, skills, or experience.

Strength training

Gone are the days when the biggest fitness buffs out there stuck to cardio. Today, they know they can't miss strength training's science-backed benefits, such as boosting longevity, building muscle mass, and protecting against diabetes, back pain, and more. Plus, a growing number of women, in particular, have come to realize that lifting weights won't necessarily make them bulky and, in fact, will help them burn more fat and boost metabolism.

Group training

Soul Cycle, Pure Barre, Orange Theory, Cross Fit—they're all forms of group training, a huge fitness trend that will continue to thrive. The current group training movement kicked off in 2008, during the beginning of the Great Recession, when the expense of personal training became a luxury, many Australians could no longer afford. With many people using services like Class Pass to replace a gym membership entirely, we don't see the group training trend dying down any time soon.

Exercise Is Medicine

Regular exercise lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, and other chronic diseases and serves as a powerful stress-reducer and mood-booster. That's why the ACSM and the American Medical Association co-launched Exercise Is Medicine, a global movement that encourages physicians to refer patients to fitness professionals in their communities and, likewise, encourages fitness professionals to make connections with physicians. With health care costs on the rise and with the future of the Australian health insurance industry uncertain, using exercise as a preventive health tool is perhaps more important than ever.  


Your Zenned-out yogi friend is onto something: this ancient mind-body practice can be practiced on the go to boost your mood, improve your sex life, and strengthen your entire body. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has been a modern fitness trend for at least a decade, so how does it continue to be so popular? ACSM notes that while traditional Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa classes are readily available, fitness pros are also constantly finding new ways to reinvent yoga—think aerial yoga, hot yoga, and rope wall yoga. Just remember this…YOGA burns a little FAT.

Personal training

Personal training is a perennial trend, and not much has changed about it over the years—these professionals generally provide one-on-one sessions that provide a more immersive and personalized experience for fitness seekers. But one important shift is happening in the industry: More education. A growing number of fitness professionals are seeking out formal education in kinesiology and exercise science, and credentialing is becoming more important to the facilities that employ them.  The quality of trainers has increased along with the sheer number of trainers available because certifications and qualifications weed out the trainers who aren't top-notch in such a saturated market.

Exercise and weight loss

Achieving a healthy weight will never go out of style, and a healthy diet combined with regular exercise is the best way to reach your weight loss goal. In fact, using fitness to shed fat has appeared on the ACSM's annual list since the survey’s inaugural year in 2006. “Most well-publicized diet plans integrate exercise in addition to the daily routine of providing prepared meals to their clients.

Fitness programs for older adults

The survey suggests that Baby Boomers ushered in an unprecedented fitness revolution back in the '80s. Now, they're reaching retirement age and still enjoying the perks of physical activity. More businesses are tailoring classes to better serve this aging population. “Even the frail elderly can improve their balance and ability to perform activities of daily living when given appropriate functional fitness program activities.

Although I am happy to see this group targeted by the industry, I am disappointed that another group has been forgotten: overweight and obese kids and teens. “The industry seems to be giving up on this population because they aren’t profitable. Programs for overweight and obese youth ranked in the top 20 last year but were kicked off the list for 2017 despite the fact that the youth obesity rate has yet to decrease. It is hoped fitness professionals and businesses will reconsider this population in future years, as they have with older adults.

Functional fitness

Functional training gives you the type of strength that really matters: the kind that lets you move furniture, lift a suitcase into an overhead bin, or carry your toddler. In other words, it improves your coordination, balance, force, power, and endurance and helps enhance your ability to perform normal daily activities. In addition to being a big part of CrossFit programs, functional fitness is often used in clinical programs to help with rehabilitation and independent living for older adults.  

Outdoor activities

Think a personal trainer will only have you working out in a gym? Not so much—these days, they're recommending all kinds of outdoor activities to clients as a way to enhance their overall fitness. It is considered that outdoor activities are anything from kayaking to pick-up basketball to high-adventure excursions like camping and rock climbing. Experts say you can burn over 530 calories an hour when hiking and even more if the wind resistance is high. Outdoor excursions have mental benefits, too: greenery elicits a mood-boosting response after just five minutes. Plus, doesn’t a breathtaking mountain view sound much more exhilarating than your gym’s television screen?

Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching focuses on the more mental aspects of wellness, like goal-setting, as opposed to personal training. These coaches provide support and encouragement for clients who want to meet certain health goals, like participating in rehabilitation or disease prevention. Recently, personal trainers have implemented the techniques of wellness coaches into their fitness practices, blending the two trends into one.

Worksite health promotion

Companies are beginning to realize that a healthy employee is a happy, more productive employee—and that creating programs and services that promote positive behaviors like working out, quitting smoking, and losing weight ultimately controls rising healthcare costs. If your company already offers things on-site yoga, gym reimbursement, or Weight Watchers, you will see more of this in 2017/2018.

Smartphone exercise apps

At this point, who hasn't tried MyFitnessPal or Nike Training Club? Fitness smartphone apps will continue to be the trend of the future. Whether you're looking for meal-planning help or programs that let you work out in your own home, there's probably an app for you. Similar to wearables, these apps have been questioned for their accuracy, but younger gym-goers and fitness lovers don’t seem to mind. It’s projected that as these apps become more accurate, usage will rise, too.

Outcome measurements

You may have never heard of this trend before, but there’s a chance you’ve used it. “It’s quite literally using numbers to measure your progress. It’s a way to hold your instructor, personal trainer, or yourself accountable when trying to meet fitness goals. For example, weight can be an outcome measurement if you want to shed a few pounds. If your personal trainer says he can help you to lose 10Kg in 3 months and you fall short, it’s a way to check your trainer’s ability to help as well as your own habits. These measurements are another trend for professionalizing the fitness industry.

Circuit training

While similar to HIIT, circuit training is a lower-intensity option when compared to its non-stop work counterpart. Typically, 10 to 20 exercises are chosen and completed one after another in a circuit, with rest between each exercise as required or instructed. Then, the circuit is repeated. For beginners who want to get in a workout but find high-intensity interval training intimidating, circuit training could be the answer. This form of training, which has been around since 1953, can be done on your own or at gyms with more specialized equipment.

Flexibility and mobility rollers

Stretching before and after a workout has been considered useful for some time now, but foam rollers, which offer more deep-tissue massage action, have become popular in the last few years. These tools, which come in smooth or raised-bump cylinders, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. To test out this trendy piece of fitness equipment, try these foam roller exercises.


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