How it all started!

Rugby Union

I have had the privilege of playing and competing at national level in Rugby Union. It was an incredible life journey. The discipline and teamwork I learned from this sport continue to influence my approach to personal training today.

Men's Body Building

My passion for fitness and bodybuilding has led me to compete and excel in men's bodybuilding at  national and international levels. This experience has deepened my understanding of the human body and has allowed me to tailor training programs to meet the specific needs of each client.



Within this space, you will read more about my life as a sporting competitor. These were times when, as a child, I would venture in and out of various sporting clubs, looking for what most people say is the future of my chosen sport. Did I find it at first? NO… in fact, I must have spent over 20 years wandering in and out of so many sporting categories, wanting to find that special ingredient that would set me apart. The one sport that I could say to myself, this is it.

At the age of six, I was introduced to Rugby Union. I played within the school limits at first but later joined a local club, where I would set myself up in a sport that would see me grow. Many options came my way as the years passed: being selected to play in a curtain raiser for the All Blacks, representing my region at national levels, and being awarded honors within the sport I loved. I never thought I would have to walk away from a sport I had grown around, but as fate had it, an injury would see me hang my boots up.

When this occurred, I was in the service playing for the Army. It only took an over-under tackle to take away what had been my passion. My left knee took impact and, with it, left me on crutches for over 3-months. I was informed that I would never be able to fully function or run freely without pain from that day on.

Not wanting to accept this as my fate, I began to train with weights in a bid to build the surrounding areas of my knee with more than normal muscle. This worked; however, the pain never went away, nor did the failure to manage the knee for an extended period. I had to accept that it was over for me.

What inspired me was that I started to grow physically. Having fast-twitch fibers while playing Rugby allowed me to use my on-field speed to take advantage of others. Once that area stopped and I was placed in a position of sedentary actions, I soon found a new lease on life.


Within 2-years, I had put on over 9 kilograms. Not your everyday weight but more so lean growing muscle. My body was transforming into more than just a lean frame.

After talking with a friend in the service I accepted that this was to be my new direction. With that in mind, I still needed to manage and control my training so that I did not cause any further damage or bring on any new problems to my knee.

Leg workouts were monitored and managed to allow for the best growth options without stress. Being a Physical Training Instructor in the service (ARMY) did have its advantages, allowing for amazing support recovery and exceptional training provisions.

Within four years, I had grown in knowledge, experience, and passion to finally call Men’s Body Building my new life in sports.

I would soon see myself on stage in regionals, competing in the minor divisions and slowly progressing to the next weight or height level.

It wasn’t long before I stood on stage in the open divisions, first in the under 70kg class and then in the under 80kg division. Being of island descent, I was gifted with very good genetics handed down through generations of my culture. This was a blessing as I was never the biggest on stage, but my overall appearance played a big part in my destruction of the larger competitors.

In the years to follow, I would go on to win 29 titles from regional qualifiers and state-level events and represent Australia in two international shows. One of the many things I took on board during this amazing time was to have a mentor—a person I saw as the ultimate athlete, the one person I saw as the complete package.

The person I would read and learn more about was an up-and-coming competitor who would, in time, destroy the best around the world. Although short in structure, he had a presence far ahead of many. In fact, he is the only athlete to have been taken down on an international stage, the largest man known on stage at the time.

This man and notable Australia’s greatest Bodybuilder ” LEE PRIEST”.

I never got the chance to attend the world titles due to injuries I had sustained over the many years, but… The journey was one I will always be thankful for. The friends and acceptance within my ranks still stand.

I did find my passion, and I did live the life in sports I hoped for.

Today I train athletes for all levels of sports codes, Men and Women’s Body building, Physique, figure, fitness, model and bikini. I have taken athletes to regionals, state and national events with amazing results.

This is who I am… DAZ


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